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Realtime AI-based transcriptions, certified digital reporters, HD video recordings, secure connections, and encrypted security come together for the comprehensive remote deposition experience.


Harnessing Modern Tech For A Streamlined Future

Claritas has become a spearhead in the remote depositions space through embracing all of the most cutting-edge advancements in AI and digital security to create a safe and seamless experience for attorneys and deponents alike.

Our commitment to remaining ahead of the curve allows us to overcome the shortcomings of traditional stenography and provide accurate transcripts with faster turnaround times. Best of all, the nature of our approach means that through machine learning and persistent improvements, our platform will only grow more capable and proficient over time.

Certified Digital Reporting

Digital reporting with the use of AI transcription, as opposed to traditional stenography, is a compelling and reliable alternative suitable for all types of litigation. A Certified Electronic Reporter (CER) will swear in your witness and monitor your proceeding’s electronic recording, all while taking annotation on important stages of the deposition.

Machine Learning Technology

The artificial intelligence software built into Claritas’ deposition platform continues to “learn” over time and improve through continuous interactions with our users. This means our platform is consistently becoming more accurate and effective at transcribing, even over the course of a single deposition.

AI-Based Live Transcription

Our AI technology transcribes your entire deposition in real time, giving all parties the ability to refer to earlier parts of the deposition in a moment’s notice. The live transcription feature is easy to navigate and is even synced with the audio and video recordings for consistency and accuracy.

Human Transcription & QC

The transcript generated by our AI engine will then be completed as needed by a certified transcriptionist and put through a rigorous human QC process. As the machine learns and the AI improves over time, this process will get quicker and quicker as your case moves along.

HD Audio & Video Recordings

Following the deposition, attorneys will receive high-quality audio and video recordings of the entirety of the deposition, allowing them to explore the nuances of the proceedings afterward. These recordings are also used by our digital reporters and transcription and QC teams as a reference to ensure that the final, certified transcripts are 100% accurate.

Secure Storage & Delivery

We understand that when it comes to legal proceedings, confidentiality and data security are of utmost importance. Claritas utilizes AES-256 Bit Encryption to ensure that the connection and storage of any resulting recordings and transcripts are HIPAA compliant.


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