Claritas Capture

The Future of Deposition Services

With Claritas Capture™, remote deposition participants can access advanced videoconferencing features, utilize intuitive exhibits management capabilities, and follow and search integrated streaming AI generated live text.


Navigate Remote Deposition Transcriptions With Ease

With the embrace of exciting new technologies in the legal world, the days of in-person depositions and slow turnaround times for legal transcriptions are fading fast. Claritas Capture™ now empowers remote deposition attendees to view a real-time transcript of the proceedings, highlight important moments, and even search through the text in seconds for quick reference to prior statements.

This user-friendly, all-inclusive platform simplifies the remote deposition process by enabling participants to coordinate, prepare, conduct, and review the proceedings from their own personal computer or mobile device. The software itself even allows attendees to customize the live transcription viewing experience by adjusting font sizes, configuring timestamps, and marking noteworthy exchanges. With Claritas Capture™, conducting your next remote deposition is as simple as clicking a link, entering your password, and focusing on what matters most; the deposition itself.

Claritas Capture


A remote exhibit management system simplifies the process of uploading, previewing, sharing, stamping, and annotating digital exhibits for court reporters and attorneys. It also provides advanced security features such as end-to-end encryption and permission-based access. The platform mimics traditional deposition workflows while providing flexibility for deposition service providers to deliver high-quality digital assets.

Joining Your Remote Deposition

Connecting to your upcoming legal proceeding is as easy as following these three simple steps.

Step 1: Preparing Your Device

You can join the proceedings from a computer or a mobile device.
If you are joining from a Mac or Windows computer, you’ll need to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
Mobile devices
Mobile Devices

When joining from a mobile device, you can use the iOS app for Apple devices or Google Chrome on Android.

Step 2: Accepting Your Invitation

There are three ways to join the proceedings: by email invitation or by shareable link as a participant, or as a guest.
Joining as Participant

Whether you are joining by email invitation or shareable link, open the deposition link within one of the supported browsers mentioned above and create an account.

Joining as Guest

If you join as a guest, you’ll only need to enter your first and last name rather than creating an account. However, be aware that guests do not have the ability to upload or share exhibits.

Step 3: Granting Permissions & the Pre-Call Lobby

Browser Permissions

Before entering the proceedings, you may be asked to grant access to your camera and microphone. Ensure the browser is asking for permission to the correct microphone and camera, then click “Allow”.

Pre-Call Lobby

Once you enter the Pre-Call Lobby, you will be able to preview the status and configuration of your video, audio, and permissions settings before joining the proceedings.

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