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Remote Depositions Have Never Been Easier

Remote Depositions come with their own set of unique challenges. With Claritas, attorneys can avoid the time and stress of organizing and benefit from our transparent, standardized pricing model.

Remote Depositions

Let Claritas Handle the Humdrum

As an attorney-focused platform, our goal is to take on the tedium so you can focus on the deposition itself. We strive to make you look as prepared and professional as possible by handling the organization and making the experience as convenient as possible for all parties involved. By putting the attorney first, Claritas has engineered an all-inclusive platform that accounts for all your remote deposition needs.

How it Works

Sophisticated Technology Made Simple

Claritas is committed to providing a comprehensive remote deposition platform designed for users of all levels of technological literacy. Everything from scheduling your deposition to navigating the platform and receiving your transcripts has been engineered with an emphasis on the ease of the user experience.

Schedule Your Deposition

Depositions can involve a lot of moving parts and complex coordination. Using our online scheduling platform, you can select a timeslot, explain your deposition needs and notify all relevant parties in just a few minutes.

Prepare Your Deposition

If you have prepared any exhibits or presentations for your deposition, Claritas allows you to upload them to our platform and share them during the proceedings at a moment’s notice. These exhibits can also be presented for you by one of our trained technicians as needed.

Conduct Your Deposition

At the scheduled time, simply log in and we will connect you with all parties involved immediately. While conducting your deposition, tools like real-time transcriptions and exhibit sharing help support the attorney throughout.

Review Your Deposition

After the deposition is complete, attorneys and any other relevant parties will receive securely encrypted files of their certified transcripts backed by synched HD video and audio recordings.

All-Inclusive Model

Claritas’ all-inclusive approach allows every aspect of your deposition to be self-contained in one place. Rather than rifling through exhibits or poring over a mountain of transcripts, you can quickly navigate to exactly what you are looking for with the click of a button.

Reliable Connection

Unlike other video conferencing platforms, Claritas is designed to cater to the specific needs of a remote deposition. Our user experience makes you feel like you are in the same room.

Ease of Organization

From scheduling your deposition to coordinating with all parties and uploading any prepared exhibits, our user-friendly platform makes keeping all the components of your deposition simple and stress-free.

Advanced Security

As the digital security requirements for remote depositions continue to evolve across the nation, Claritas evolves with them to ensure all of your remote proceedings are secure and HIPAA compliant.

Transparent Billing

Unlike traditional stenography’s complicated per page pricing structure, Claritas operates on a transparent hourly, cost-effective model so there are no hidden fees or surprises on your bill.

Fast Transcript Turnaround

Our AI-based transcription technology generates incredibly accurate transcripts in real time. These initial drafts are so accurate that our digital court reporters save significant time in comparison with traditional stenography.


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