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The all-inclusive digital court reporting deposition service that prioritizes the attorney’s need for strict organization, accurate certified transcripts, and an experience so seamless, you’ll forget you ever did it any other way.

Electronic reporting with the use of AI transcription, as opposed to traditional stenography, is a compelling and reliable alternative suitable for all types of litigation. Connect with one of our experts to see if this option is right for your case, client, expectations, and budget.

See For Yourself Why Claritas Is Trusted By Firms Across the Country

Now that conducting depositions remotely has become the new normal, attorneys are faced with the challenges presented by this new digital realm. Claritas handles everything from coordination to hosting and transcriptions so attorneys can focus on what matters most; the case.

About Us

State-of-the-Art Down To a Science

At Claritas, our mission is to put the attorney first by optimizing our remote deposition platform for the most reliable, robust, and seamless user experience imaginable. We harness the ever-evolving advances in AI to generate accurate, accountable transcripts backed by high-quality video and audio recordings. Unlike traditional stenography, our users can expect rapid turnaround times for transcripts and transparent pricing across the board. With Claritas, scheduling and conducting your remote deposition has never been so simple and straightforward!

How it Works

Sophisticated Technology Made Simple

Claritas is committed to providing a comprehensive remote deposition experience designed for users of all levels of technological literacy. Everything from scheduling your deposition to navigating the platform and receiving your transcripts has been engineered with an emphasis on the ease of the user experience.

Schedule Your Deposition

Depositions can involve a lot of moving parts and complex coordination. Using our online scheduling platform, you can select a timeslot, explain your deposition needs and notify all relevant parties in just a few minutes.

Prepare Your Deposition

If you have prepared any exhibits or presentations for your deposition, Claritas allows you to upload them to our platform and share them during the proceedings at a moment’s notice. These exhibits can also be presented for you by one of our trained technicians as needed.

Conduct Your Deposition

At the scheduled time, simply log in and we will connect you with all parties involved immediately. While conducting your deposition, tools like real-time transcriptions and exhibit sharing help support the attorney throughout.

Review Your Deposition

After the deposition is complete, attorneys and any other relevant parties will receive securely encrypted files of their certified transcripts backed by synched HD video and audio recordings.

Schedule a Deposition

Schedule Your Next Deposition Today

Attorneys and their support teams can schedule a remote deposition in just a few minutes. Simply click the link below and share a few details about your deposition needs to coordinate your next deposition instantly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does a remote deposition require any specialized equipment or software?

Not at all. Our all-inclusive approach aims to make the remote deposition process as stress-free and cost-effective as possible. All you need to conduct a deposition with Claritas is a high-speed internet connection and a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with both a camera and microphone.

What is a deposition with a digital reporter?

A deposition with a digital reporter is no different than one with a stenographic reporter, only the means of capture differs. Digital court reporters use state of the art recording programs with speech diarization for accurate speaker identification, that run audio through a live AI program allowing for ASR streaming viewable text. Additionally, they take annotations through the proceeding to notate things like exhibits being presented or objections occurring.

At the conclusion of the deposition, the audio along with the generated ASR transcript are provided to a certified transcription and QC team who then finalize the transcript.

Why digital and not traditional stenography?

There are many reasons to utilize a digital reporter over a traditional stenographer including but not limited to supply and demand issues plaguing the steno industry, cost transparency, speed of deliverables, and the acceptance of new and emerging technology in the legal field.

Who swears in my witness?

The digital reporter assigned to your deposition will swear in your witness, with either their local state notary or accepted Remote Online Notary (RON.)

Are remote depositions a legally accepted alternative to in-person depositions throughout the United States?

Though remote depositions have become common practice, particularly in the wake of the Covid-19 global pandemic, all states have their own legislation on the matter. Be sure to refer to those that apply within your jurisdiction. We are happy to check on your specific locations for you.


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