Apr 07, 2023

Closing the Gap: How Digital Deposition Services Address the Court Reporting Shortage

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Claritas Depositions provides high-quality deposition services to law firms and corporations nationwide. In recent years, there has been a significant shortage of court reporters, causing a delay in legal proceedings. To address this problem, Claritas Depositions has introduced digital deposition services, which allow for more available resources to enter the market.

Shortage of Court Reporters

Over the past decade, the shortage of stenographers in the market has created a challenge for attorneys, causing delays and postponed delivery of final transcripts. While digital reporting has filled the gap in the short term, it also offers a permanent solution for long-distance trials and trustworthy service.

How Digital Deposition Services Fill the Gap

Digital reporting, with the help of AI technology, allows for more resources to enter the market quickly and produce certified, high-quality final transcripts. Unlike the traditional stenographer, the ramp-up time for a digital reporter is much shorter, and training programs are quicker.

There is a misconception that digital reporters are only a backup option to traditional steno, or don’t produce as accurate results. Remote deposition platforms like Claritas specialize in and specifically handle digital reporting by harnessing the growing power of AI to increase turnaround times and improve accuracy.

Digital reporting not only provides a permanent solution to the shortage of stenographers in the market but also allows for more resources to enter the market quickly and produce certified, high-quality final transcripts.

Addressing the Court Reporting Shortage: A Case Study

A client recently contacted us with an emergency need for reporting services. They had scheduled a deposition with a traditional stenographer and coordinated all the details, but just a week before the scheduled date, the agency through which they contracted the stenographer was forced to cancel due to a lack of available reporters.

The client’s emergency need for reporting services highlights the ongoing challenge of a shortage of available stenographers in the market. Fortunately, Claritas Depositions was able to offer a long-term solution to the client by providing high-quality digital reporting services.

Using our platform, the client was able to conduct their deposition on the date initially scheduled, without the need to cancel or reschedule due to a lack of available stenographic reporters. This successful experience with Claritas led the attorney and his firm to continue using our digital deposition services for their remote proceedings. This same attorney, along with others at his firm, has since used our platform several times to coordinate and execute further remote proceedings:

“Our firm has used Claritas Depositions’ digital deposition services on several occasions, and we are consistently impressed with the quality and accuracy of the final transcript. The process is seamless, and we appreciate the access to more resources to ensure that our cases can proceed without delay.”

The rise of digital reporting as a viable solution in the market gives firms another option to keep their cases on schedule and ensures their clients that they are utilizing all available options to meet their legal needs in a timely and reliable fashion.

Contact Claritas For Fast, Reliable Digital Reporting

Digital deposition services are an important solution to the current court reporting shortage. The rise of digital reporting ensures that law firms can keep their cases moving and represent their clients to the best of their ability.

At Claritas Depositions, our digital reporting services offer clients access to more resources and provide a certified, high-quality final transcript at a much faster rate than traditional stenographers. If you are struggling to find consistent, trustworthy court reporting services as a result of the current industry shortage, reach out to us today and let us know how we can help facilitate your next legal proceeding.

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